One Culture

We believed in culture and it was one culture that combined art, literature, music and poetry with science. Alice became a poet and translator of poetry. She had been published in The Lyric, The Formalist, Hellas, Blue Unicorn and Cricket. She was a small part of the New Formalism movement in American poetry. She worked at it and I remember her at her desk, counting meter on her fingers and surrounded by dictionaries, thesauruses, lexicons. The side link will take you to some of Alice’s poetry. Because of Alice, I read a great deal of poetry and have now even memorized a fair amount of it.

My background is technical. I worked on the engineering of cesium beam tubes used in atomic clocks in satellites, did technical computer programming, published papers in biochemical modeling, and worked on investing. But now my passion is creating Mathematica applications that help bring mathematical concepts to life. The Mathematica link will take you to my thoughts on this and several applications that are available.

We would read some book together almost every evening for thirty years. They ranged from poetry to history to biographies of scientists and mathematicians. Alice shared my interest in science and naturalism and would even watch physics lectures with me. We got up together in the middle of the night to watch the conference announcing the discovery of the Higgs particle.