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You may write to me at djmpark@comcast.net.


I am primarily interested in writing Mathematica applications with application to mathematics and physics. I like learning how to use the active and dynamic features of Mathematica to clearly present mathematical concepts. I’m a long time user of Mathematica and have written or cowritten applications for writing literate notebooks (Presentations), for extended use of units (ExtendUnits) and for tensor calculus (Tensorial).

My current interest is working with John Browne to produce a Grassmann Calculus application. John has done quite advanced development of Grassmann algebra and I’m working to make a good user interface and adding calculus routines.

Here is a picture of my childhood home in Bemidji, Minnesota, USA. And here is a guided tour of the house by my two sisters: Margaret, 7 years older, and Mary, 15 years younger.

My  email is: djmpark@comcast.net. I use SpamArrest so you will have to go through an “I’m a person test” the first time your email. I do check the unverified list now and then but not every day.

1 Comment

  1. William Hutton says:

    Hi David,
    I have just arrived at your website via wolfram. I have just started reading it and have found it interesting so far. I have just retired and am using Mathematica to develop some high school mathematics units but am still at a beginner level.

    Bill Hutton
    15 Jasmine Avenue
    QLD 4570


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