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The Garden Way


(Paul Verlaine 1844 – 1896)

Fair as a queen in mock-heroic days,
Painted and rouged among enormous bows,
She strolls along the mossy garden way
In little mincing steps. And as she goes,
She shows a hundred thousand coquetries
More charming than her pampered parakeets.
Dressed in a long silk gown, she also wears
Large rings on slender fingers. And she holds
A fan she flutters sometimes with an air
Suggestive of beguiling things. In short,
A blonde. Her bow-shaped mouth is colored not
In red, but deep carnation pink. She sighs
About her small affairs. Her beauty spot
Sets off the sparkle in her pale blue eyes.

© Alice Park 1997
Published in The Formalist Vol. 8, Issue 2 1997

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